Road to nowhere

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I FEEL it is now time to put pen to paper as an angry resident and motorist of Hillsborough about this sham of a traffic system Sheffield City Council have enforced around Hillsborough.

The tram gates, for instance, must be taking in thousands of pounds off poor motorists who do not know the system, signs that are upon you when its too late.

It just says 7-11, 3-7 and some drawings of vehicles that resemble those of a five-year-old.

This tramgate shambles should be abolished, everyone I have talked to has the same views.

In other towns they have it above in flashing words and signs, saying motorists are not allowed past this point until a certain time. You cannot miss those.

The crossroads at Hills-borough Corner should be opened back up as normal.

You cannot overtake a bus or tram, the roads are not wide enough. So what’s the problem?

Why should a motorist coming down Holme Lane have to go down Bradfield Road to the bottom to come back up to get onto Langsett Road? Why should you have to come down Walkley Lane and have to come up Holme Lane to turn round to go back down?

It has made Holme Lane gridlocked with cars turning onto Holme Close, Hawley Tyres and even the Tramsways surgery to get back to Hillsborough.

It’s like anyone going down Ripley Street, it’s impossible to get into Hills-borough. You can only turn right.

Same with the one way on Taplin Road. How a child has not been killed on there I will never know.

I live on Taplin Road. It was once a nice road, now its like a motorway and parking meters and permits are now in force, the same as in Walkley Lane.

This is not for safety its just another moneymaking scheme to penalise the poor motorists. I pay road tax and cannot even park my car outside my house without a permit I have had to pay for.

So what we in Hillsborough want is our old Hillsborough back.

A Senior, Taplin Road, Hillsborough