Road signs are required

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During the last few weeks a reduction in the speed limit has come into force on the A57 between the Mosborough parkway and junction 31 of the M1.

The limit has been reduced from 60mph to 50mph. This has been in connection with the maintenance of street lights within the same area.

Although there have been signs erected stating, ‘Accident Reducing Scheme – New 50 mph Speed Limit in Force,’ on the stretch of the A57 leading up to the motorway there haven’t been any signs put in place for the continued stretch of road leading from Swallownest B6053 to/and including the Mosborough Parkway. General speed limit discs have been attached to lampposts but even these are very few and far between.

There are certain individuals who have no intention of driving to a maximum of 60mph never mind reducing to 50mph. Signs are required before there are fatal accidents.

Nicola Adams

Swallownest, Sheffield