Ring road should allow the traffic to bypass city centre

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The ring road is too slow. Why is anyone surprised?

Our ring road is the only one in a large city I’ve come across where all traffic has to negotiate traffic control at all junctions and intersections. There are no flyovers, underpasses or tunnels to help through traffic.

In the original designs for the section between Granville Square and Glossop Road underpasses were planned for the St Mary’s and Moore Street intersections but they were never built. On the section between the Parkway and Shalesmoor there should be a flyover at the Wicker and fewer traffic light-controlled junctions up to Shalesmoor.

The section that runs in front of the station should run behind it and Supertram run in front of the station, possibly in a tunnel to allow easier access for pedestrians.

I believe some of these proposals were considered but the city council were either unable to persuade government to stump up cash or decided they didn’t want to make things too good for motorists.

This has not been the case in other major cities. I can’t help feeling that the ‘boast’ of being the largest village in the country seeps into grant bids as ‘we are a village, please fund accordingly’. The ring road should enable through traffic to bypass the city centre and traffic to get into the city centre easily. It’s not doing either very well.

Only the lack of commercial activity in the centre prevents gridlock.


Bents Green