Ridiculous situation

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People often stare at me as they drive past me, as I’m often seen picking up discarded litter, (especially half- eaten takeaways!), from our roadsides and binning them.

The other thing that really bugs me, is when I see overhanging branches and vegetation alongside busy roads, often preventing pedestrians from using the pavement, if there is one.

Recently I walked from Eckington to Renishaw and I couldn’t believe how much ash, sycamore, hawthorn and brambles there were, not only hanging over the pavement, but also into an extremely busy road as well. Joggers, cyclists and horse riders also use this main route connecting Eckington to Renishaw as well as pedestrians.

I spent a good hour removing hundreds of offending branches and offshoots for the whole 1 1/2 miles along Station Road, up to the old canal bridge in Renishaw. Surely our local authorities are aware of such dangers? Or does it take a fatality before something is done?

Geoff Evans

East Ave, Stanfree, Bolsover