‘Rich country’ still depriving the poor

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‘Posh’ Dave Cameron keeps telling us that the country had almost been made bankrupt, all blame laid at the door of the last Labour government.

Two weeks ago he told us all that a further £16 billion black hole in the economy had appeared, caused, I would suggest, by the ‘nasty party’s’ non-policies during their almost three years in government.

Yet when challenged regarding the £14billion ‘giveaway’ of taxpayers money in foreign aid, his excuse on TV was that ‘we are a rich country and can afford it especially to vaccinate third world children.’

It seems to me that he is still the same liar who told us pre-election he would not raise VAT, which he promptly did when elected.

He told us all ‘we are in it together’ when cutting benefits and now tells us he will find another £10bn of savings by cutting, yet again, welfare benefits from our own people and suggests capping the number of children parents will be allowed to claim help for.

Cuts in welfare affecting people that can least afford it whilst at the same time helping his multi-millionaire profit-seeking friends to hold on to their every penny.

Now we have been told officially from this lying ex-member of the Bullingdon Club and leader of ‘the nasty Tory party’ that we are indeed a rich country again.

Or is he lying yet again ?

Terry Palmer

The week before last, Sheffield Council announced they need to make £10m more cuts than they were expecting.

A few days later, the IMF announced they had got their financial sums wrong and that they had advised many countries to push austerity too far. Looks like a rather a good time to keep our public services intact, then.

Chris Broome, Woodseats,