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Thank goodness for J Robin Hughes’ beacon light letter, (August 25), regarding ‘Sevenstone Lite’.

The retention of the facades of historic buildings are a mere sop to public opinion, another grade 2 listed building, Bethel Sunday School, only recently refurbished, to be eviscerated.

The Backfields area to be obliterated, what for? Nothing for posterity that’s a fact.

The best critique of Sheffield Council planning as regards ‘heritage’ is to be found in David Fine’s Sheffield, History and Guide, while the History of the First Twenty Years of the Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society, (why isn’t this online Mr and Mrs Greaves?), is a horror story of what have could have been done ‘in our name’.

An evaluation of the proposed NRQ demolitions and the losses it entails is being set down as an unofficial free walk over September’s Heritage Days, (details to follow), bring a camera.

Ron Clayton