Response to letters about bus pass travel

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I am writing in response to a number of letters in The Star (the most recent on Monday, March 24) entitled ‘The Star could carry a clear statement.’

This states that asylum seekers and overseas migrants will still be able to have concessionary train travel once it is removed from elderly and disabled customers from Monday, March 31.

I can confirm that there is no special concessionary scheme for asylum seekers and overseas migrants in South Yorkshire.

The local South Yorkshire-funded scheme allowed for disabled customers to travel from first bus, tram or train, whilst elderly customers could travel from 9am on buses and trams and also on trains.

This is being discontinued from Monday, March 31 and the national scheme will apply instead. This allows both elderly and disabled customers to travel on bus and tram from 9.30am to 11pm on weekdays and all day weekends and bank holidays. The concession will no longer apply to rail travel.

This scheme does not specifically cover asylum seekers nor overseas migrants. If they are entitled to an elderly or disabled pass then they will be able to use them at the same times as everyone else.

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David Young

SYPTE deputy interim director general