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HOW can the decision over bin collections have been taken so quickly? It is only some six days since the closure of the council facility for us to comment on which council services should be saved and which should be reduced or closed.

Did the council ever have any respect for our views? Have all the decisions been made prior to public consultation? How much did consultation cost?

In my area, Sheffield 10 near Sheffield Hallam University Collegiate campus, black bins are collected every week for general waste while blue boxes and bins (recyclable waste) are collected every two weeks.

Meanwhile, people in flats are second class citizens. They have more to put in their black bin as it has to contain their plastic waste. Also while householders have a blue bin and blue box, this is not so for flat holders. They share a blue bin for glass and cans between two flats and share a blue bin for paper and cardboard.

In future, people in flats will not only have to keep their general waste for two weeks but also two weeks’ plastic waste will also have to be contained in the black bins.

Why are flats treated so? No consideration is given to the size of a family in the flat. How can the green bag collection be withdrawn causing all garden waste to be collected in the black bin or burnt?

Chris Sterry, S10

We have one blue bin for nine tenants so where will the refuse go after the first week of use? Do we dump it in the street or do they send someone to pick it up? If so that defeats the object of fortnightly collections. We already have fly tipping, so let’s see how much more we have after the change. Street Force had to come out on the week ending of Jan 14 to clear a gennel of rubbish. The week before they came to clear some spare ground of black sacks full of household waste. Think again before this city is one great big garbage dump.

Norfolk Park resident

how much do green bins cost and what will happen to them? People will put garden rubbish in black bins or fly-tip it. Also will the council collect the green bins or pay us rent for keeping them on our property? Or will they just be dumped, turning this green and pleasant land into a green bin and not so pleasant land?

Sue Woolhouse, Handsworth