Residents in dark from broken lamp

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A streetlight covering an otherwise dark footpath in Sheffield was reported broken - but that’s about all the two sides involved agree on.

Margaret Chapman of Meadowhead claims she had reported the fault on the light between Little Norton Lane and Meadowhead seven times since last January, by email, phone, in person to a councillor and on a questionnaire that came through her door.

She added: “This footpath is dark with high hedges on either side. It is used by my disabled son in a wheelchair or electric scooter. Any dog mess on the path cannot be seen, and it causes a dark unlit patch which can be unsafe and unnerving at night. This lamp has now been out for eleven months I hope you can help to get this situation rectified.”

But Graham Scragg of Amey claims the first they heard of it was in October when it was fixed in two days - although it appears the light went off again so quickly Margaret failed to notice the repair.

She contacted Action Desk in December.


“This street lamp is now ON!!” Margaret confirmed by email, adding: “Very many thanks. You’ve achieved in a few days what we’ve failed to do over 11 months.”

Graham Scragg of Amey said: “Another fault occurred and as soon as we became aware of it this was also repaired.”