Residents hit out over Sheffield bus cuts at public meeting

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city centre buses
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Hillsborough residents have revealed their fears about the withdrawal of two main bus services in the area as concerns grow over a city-wide review.

A consultation at Hillsborough Interchange about changes to bus routes last night gave residents a chance to say they are worried about the withdrawal of the 84 bus service, which serves Loxley and Wisewood.

The service will be replaced by a 53 bus which will travel from Wisewood and stop at the Hillsborough Interchange.

The route will then become a 52 bus and passengers will be able to stay on the vehicle to travel onwards to the city centre.

Rachel Mcintosh, 25, who lives in Wisewood and uses the 84 bus to get to work said: “I can’t use the 31 bus because it doesn’t start early enough. A lot of people don’t know this is happening there wasn’t even any posters in the window earlier.”

Miss Mcintosh was also concerned about the roads for being to narrow for a bigger bus, meaning that a smaller one would be overcrowded at peak times. 
Hillsborough Coun George Lindars-Hammond said: “The 84 is a real concern. It doesn’t matter that it is a small number of people that get the bus. If it is your bus you rely on it to get about. ”

The SL2 service, a link between Malin Bridge Supertram stop and Stannington, is also facing the chop.

Elaine Fisher, 62, from Stannington said: “It’s ludicrous. They’ve just changed all the road layouts so the bus can get to the tram and now they are talking about cutting it.”

Carol Bingley, 75, from Stannington, added: “I’ve got to walk right up the road to get a bus which isn’t what you want when you are 75. We’re like a little island that has been cut off.”

The change is one of several being planned as part of the Sheffield Bus Partnership’s city-wide review of services, which has sparked many concerns.

The consultation lasts until next Friday July 31.

Passengers can have their say at, with paper forms at Sheffield and Rotherham interchanges.

A final drop in sessions is being held today at Bents Green Methodist Church from 4-7pm.

Changes could be implemented from October 31.