Residents furious over night-time rave music

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POLICE are to patrol bars and clubs after residents complained of loud dance music throughout the night.

South Yorkshire Police has received scores of calls from people disturbed by the sounds of a rave in the early hours - but the source of the music has proved a mystery.

Paul Ferguson, the force’s inspector for East Sheffield, said he had identified two possible culprits - an unlicensed rave off Woodbourn Road, in Attercliffe and a licensed event at the Snow Lane Warehouse in the city centre.

But the Warehouse has denied breaching noise levels, issuing a statement saying the disturbances were ‘caused elsewhere’.

Almost 20 calls were received by police in one night from residents around Woodbourn Road, where the illegal rave took place.

Officers visited the site but were unable to find the organiser.

Insp Ferguson said officers went to Woodbourn Road again over the Bank Holiday weekend, as well as Snow Lane, but couldn’t find any evidence of excessive noise.

“We had officers working all throughout the night, paired up with the council noise team.

“We went to the site where previous raves have been, at two sites off Woodbourn Road, and, whether it was weather-related, we’re not sure, but we found no evidence at all.

“The venue at Snow Lane was monitored and essentially they were operating within the recommended noise levels.”

He said police will carry on visiting venues occasionally and that investigations are ongoing to find the organiser of the unlicensed rave.

“We’ll just do it every now and again and keep them on their toes,. As for Woodbourn Road, at this stage it’s still a question of seeking out the true person who was in control,” he said.

A spokesman for the Snow Lane Warehouse said it would have been ‘an impossibility’ for noise to have disturbed residents. The warehouse ran a dance event under a temporary event notice granted by the licensing authorities.

“I am fully aware issues of noise pollution cause inconvenience to residents of certain areas, and in any situation where we were deemed to be the cause we are ready and willing to work to eradicate the problem,” he said.

“I suggest the disturbances described were caused elsewhere.”

Anyone with information about the Woodbourn Road rave, early on April 15, should call 101 and leave a message for Sgt Dean Furniss.