Residents fear speed will cause death

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News: The Star - bringing you news on-line 24-hours a day.
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FURIOUS residents have told councillors they fear it will take a death before anything is done about speeding on their street.

People living on Wheel Lane, Grenoside, addressed Sheffield councillors at a community meeting, telling them drivers regularly ‘fly’ down their 30mph residential street at 70mph.

Andrew Kay, from the council’s transport department, said a city-wide road review was due in February.

But residents branded his response “not good enough” - adding the only thing that will slow drivers down would be a speed camera.

Margaret Ianiro, aged 67, who has had cars crash into her garage twice in the last four years, said: “Every day you see somebody doing 70mph down our road - on average it’s about 45 to 50mph.

“The first time we had someone crash into the garage it was the morning, and it was only that my husband was running late that he wasn’t standing outside.

“The driver - who was not insured - was quite badly hurt. It was very frightening.

“The second time happened only 30 seconds before I was getting shopping out of the car. I don’t think the council’s response is good enough. Something has to be done before someone gets seriously hurt.”

Coun Trevor Bagshaw, chairman of the Northern Community Assembly, told the meeting: “I accept these comments. There is a city wide review going on but we cannot make that go any faster.”