Resident’s wheelie bin infested with maggots

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Wheelie bins are not renowned for being the most pleasant of places.

Most of us open the lid, throw in our rubbish, and flee as quickly as possible.

They are kept as clean as possible, with professional wheelie bin cleaners seen on most city streets.

But when Ben Calton opened the lid, he found his bin was infected with maggots.

Despite his bin being professionally cleaned once a month, it is the second time it has become infested.

The first was last year when he was told that exceptional circumstances had led to a bigger number of cases than usual being reported.

Mr Calton, of Scarsdale Road, said: “There seems to be a correlation between the move to fortnightly collections and these annual outbreaks of maggot infestation.

“It seems to me that Veolia should take responsibility for the maggot infestations that, I’m sure, many households are suffering, and come up with a solution.”


The Star asked Veolia to issue advice to readers so that other householders would not suffer.

A company spokesman said: “Issues with maggots in waste bins occur when flies have access to rubbish.

“In order to reduce the risk of maggots forming in waste bins we would advise that bin lids are kept closed, food waste is double-bagged, particularly in warm weather and that bins are kept out of direct sunlight if possible.

“For more information visit or call 0114 2734567.”