Replacement trees probably best option

Sheffield Council and amey have been examining tree roots on Rustlings Road.
Sheffield Council and amey have been examining tree roots on Rustlings Road.
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Given the recent letters about the felling of Sheffield trees, I would like to give my opinion.

First of all I do not want to see any trees felled if they don’t need to be. But while walking down Rustlings Road this summer I couldn’t help but notice the many ‘SAVE ME’ banners fixed around the trunks of many of the trees. But I also noticed the great hump in the pavement that these trees were causing. One tree was so big, it was pushing the concrete kerb edge out into the road.

Now given I have family members who have sight problems and a friend who lives just off Rustlings Road, who is 92 and walks with a stick, I quickly realised why the council have to fell these colossal trees.

I continued down Ecclesall Road and all I thought was that the trees on here will be next. But given that 11 trees are to be felled on Rustlings Road, and 16 will replace them, or so I read anyway, I do not really know why people are moaning. Yes the replacements will be much smaller, but if you look at old photos of when this road was built, you can see the very trees that are to be felled. They are little more that twigs. And we are now told that many trees planted on our streets over 100 years ago were the wrong size.

I also read another letter stating our city is a green city but getting less green by the day. But people don’t realise that there are more trees in our city than there were 50 years ago.

Does anyone remember the hideous underpass that ran under the roundabout along Arundel Gate? A mass of concrete and walkways, it was filled in years ago. In its place a roundabout was covered with grass and a central reservation planted with many trees.

Also near the junction of Bellhouse Road and Wincobank Avenue, there used to be a huge COOP distribution warehouse, that has long since been demolished. In its place is a housing estate that is fronted by a village green with many trees.

The tree outside our house is diseased and we are told will have to go. Our neighbour said he was pleased it was going so he could park easily, only to be told that every tree has to be replaced.

Now I know that we have to protect our green city and our woodlands, and I do not agree with the felling of ancient woodlands like Smithy Wood, but I realise that many of these huge trees are causing damage to the streets and a solution is needed.

Replacements are probably the best as constantly patching up the pavement is not only uneconomic, it is also dangerous.

Matthew Hobson

by email