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I am an Airbus A320 captain with a leading UK airline. I am also a Yorkshireman who had to migrate south years ago to be where the jobs were. But I have family and friends in Yorkshire and the subject of Sheffield City Airport often comes up.

At long last, it seems people in Sheffield are beginning to realise what a great asset Sheffield City Airport could be, especially for local businesses. Most city councils would love to have a city airport that close to the centre.

There has been lots of anti-airport propaganda over the years. It was claimed that the runway is too short. This is not true. Lots of regional airliners used it when the airport was open and today’s regional airliners are even better at operating from runways like Sheffield’s.

It was also claimed that the airport was not commercially viable. Again, this is wide of the mark.

What happened was that the airport fire service was downgraded, so airlines were no longer allowed to operate to the airport.

Only holiday flights are offered from Robin Hood – there are no flights to business destinations. Robin Hood’s big problem is that it doesn’t have enough people living close by.

Sheffield businesses need quick, easy access to an airport from which they can fly to major UK and European destinations.

Their customers also need to be able to fly to Sheffield. Over on the other side of Doncaster, Robin Hood will continue offering small numbers of flights to holiday airports. But for business flights, Sheffield City Airport should be reopened.

Sign the Sheffield City Airport petition now.

Michael Wood, Crown Hill, Seaford, East Sussex