Refugees (or not)

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The story about Ahed Kaboul highlights the difficulty in determining who is a true refugee and who is an economic migrant.

A journalist of any nationality working in a war zone is at great danger so it seems that being shot in the foot is a result of his profession.

Then he says: “There is no work. There is no reason to stay.” That sounds more like an economic migrant, especially when he is happy to pay for his own exit and leave his sisters and brothers behind and travel through a number of other safe countries to reach the UK.

If I was fleeing for my life I think I would be happy to escape to any country outside the war zone.

Why is the UK so attractive to so many immigrants?

Is it that our benefit system is so generous compared to other countries or that we will provide housing, schooling, and free healthcare?

There is little that I agree with David Cameron about, but he is right in saying that we will only take those in the refugee camps after proper vetting, rather than encouraging people to risk their lives in making a hazardous sea crossing and in such numbers that it becomes impossible to weed out economic migrants and potential terrorists from genuine refugees.

We should give temporary shelter to genuine refugees who are in mortal danger until they can return to their own county again.

Sadly an increasing number of immigrants have failed to make any attempt to integrate and abide by our laws and standards but demand all the benefits of living in a decent civilised country like ours and this naturally makes many of us wary of accepting more.


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