Refugees in our city

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I feel I must reply to Tom Machell on his letter regarding refugees in Sheffield Letters, July 31).

He admits that he is not from Sheffield but works here.

Maybe if he was from Sheffield he would have a different opinion on the matter.

Around 30 years ago it was a great city, with good shopping and a vibrant city centre.

That was before the council began demolishing the city centre and all the nice shops left and it became a ‘City of Sanctuary’.

They are not welcome any more as the areas they live in become dumps and they cause havoc and hell for the people who have lived there all their lives.

Many elderly people are afraid to go out alone.

Many lie to get here as told in today’s national press.

They have no money? How come then some pay thousands of pounds to get here? Many are criminals too.

As Ted Fowler stated Sheffield is filthy, a lot to do with refugees but also a useless council.