Refugee myths

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Many people will be aware that Steve Jobs, founder and CEO of Apple, (the most successful company in the world), was the child of Syrian refugees.

There are many myths concerning refugees, most common of all that they want to come to Britain because of our generous welfare benefits.

This has to be seen against the reality of far more generous benefits available in other European countries and the fact that they mostly flee from their neighbourhoods following extensive bombing by the military in Europe and America.

If we don’t want refugees in this context we really do have to put pressure on politicians to halt the military campaign of terror in their countries.

Regarding those who have already fled, it is perhaps only self-interest to consider whether there are other Steve Jobs – who we first bomb out of their homes and then turn away at our borders – and whether we can instead invite to use their skills and enterprise in a way that will benefit all of us.

Yes, we do have to look after our own first, however given a situation where for years there are more empty homes than families in need it seems there is a lack of political will here also.

If political leaders in both Finland and Ururguay can offer accommodation in their own homes for refugees, what stops ours?

John Baker

Columbia Place, S2