Real women drink (and love) real ale

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Jo Davison, who wrote about Rotherham beer festival, is said to be speaking up for today’s woman.

Ha! Don’t make me laugh. Today’s women are not brought up just on wine and half-a-lager. This stereotype went out with Thatcher.

Today, women enjoy various beverages and lead diverse lifestyles.

I find Jo’s views outdated and smack of somebody who is out of touch with today’s culture.

I have been going to this festival of beer at Oakwood for several years and now this year at Magna, on all four nights along with my husband, who enjoys the beer almost as much as me.

There were plenty of female beer drinkers who enjoy the various tastes and complexities of real ale.

Beer has the same interesting tasting notes as wine and, like many novices, Jo just doesn’t have the knowledge to fully appreciate the fine flavours, just as a lot of us don’t really taste the notes in fine wines.

This festival is all about bringing different breweries and ales from around the region and country and celebrating what’s great about British beer.

It’s not about wines from God knows where that are standard in most pubs.

It’s very true that this festival attracts younger, larger lads and women who just tag along and complain, which is unfortunate as this does spoil it for people trying to enjoy themselves.

Many festival volunteers were female and were also enjoying a drink of beer.

So next time Jo visits, she should take off her blinkers and leave her prejudices at the door.

Look around and see the vast number of today’s real women drinking real ale.