Reader column: Anna’s loving the joy of life in Sheffield

UGC Columnist Anna Roberts
UGC Columnist Anna Roberts
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I sometimes get the feeling I was meant to move here.

I hail from the north east of England and I recently tried out London for a few years.

But there was something that pulled me back up the country.

I didn’t quite get home though, as I had a stop in a friendly, vibrant South Yorkshire city on the edge of the Peak District.

I’m talking about Sheffield, of course.

What initially attracted me to Sheffield was the location – I could get my fix of both city and country life. After relocating from London, I wondered what I’d do without the conveniences of the tube and shops that open until unnecessary times.

But then I realised, I didn’t need them.

I got used to taking walks in the fresh air to get where I needed to be and using the perfectly-sized city centre to shop at a normal time.

I soon settled into Sheffield with the help of locals.

I felt so welcomed and I realised I’d been missing that ‘community’ feel. I’m sure I had a cold-faced look about myself when I first moved here, being used to minding my own business and forgetting to smile, but I still received warmth and friendliness from the locals.

Slowly, I melted and it felt completely natural to tell my local butcher my holiday plans and say hello to every colleague in my new office like I’d known them for years.

Needless to say, I have been completely taken by Sheffield.

I love the happiness spread throughout the city, the history of the steel, the greenery, and the terraced streets. I even love the hills! The views are worth the cardio effort it takes to get up them. The local pubs are ‘proper’ pubs with real ale and owner-and-dog combinations.

Businesses are proud to be from this city and are advocates for buying locally. And why wouldn’t you? Every bit of food I’ve bought and eaten has been delicious and I’m becoming a regular in the cafes nearby.

I’m just glad we have the hills to work it all off. So will I carry on heading north and end up back in my home town? No, I’m staying! Maybe Sheffield and I are going through a honeymoon period, but I am so enthusiastic about my new city, I can’t see my joy fading.

Perhaps we were meant to be.


As a newbie to Sheffield, I’m enjoying exploring my new city. I am also a writer, so I’m spreading the word about what I find.