Raise three points

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I DIDN’T complete the questionnaire sent out by city council leader Julie Dore but would like to raise three points.

Firstly, any further such requests for suggestions should be sent with the annual distribution of rating notifications, thereby save on postage costs

My second point is that I believe the government has promised finance for the repairs to the existing network and construction of new. During the last year I have visited several towns and cities in Yorkshire and Lancashire and have been surprised, after mentioning that I am from Sheffield, at the number of people who have commented ‘great city – shame about the roads’.

I wonder if Coun Dore, together with all the city’s MPs, could lean on the government department concerned to release funds to make a start on the roadworks.

Should such a miracle come about, I suggest a start be made at the north, south, east and west (inwards or outwards) simultaneously instead of nibbling at it.

The road contractors should be chosen from those prepared to recruit, say 10 per cent of the total workforce from the unemployed list.

If such a miracle as funding is achieved, could the planners please crack on, as I would like to see a transformation this decade, not the high speed train timetable!

Finally, and with regard to the proposal to extend bin collections form one week to two, is there not a health risk if overfilled bins plus extra bags alongside are visited by scavenging animals, allowing waste to be scattered?

Greater amounts of waste means that the refuse wagons will be filled to capacity over a shorter distance covered and having to journey to the disposal dump about twice as often.

Will the refuse teams be able to complete their present collection schedules, or will they have to work longer shifts? Lastly, what will the teams do when they are not out collecting in week two?

PV Fox, Pingle Road, S7