Rail decision is no surprise

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In response to your editorial on the pause in rail electrificationl, surely nobody believed this Tory claptrap?

It’s more than 30 years ago since the then Tory government rejected the idea of electrification of the Midland main line.

The welfare or wellbeing of the north of England is not on their agenda.

When it comes to their pet projects, affluent councils in the south, cross rail London, refurbishment of the Houses of Parliament or Buckingham Palace, there’s no shortage of cash no such thing as austerity.

Your report of the crocodile tears of Lord Scriven and the Liberal Democrat petition on opposing the electrification pause is laughable as their party leader spent the last five years helping the Tories.

It is surely time to think of the future. Do we really want to adopt a Tory concept of a Northern Powerhouse with dictat and crumbs passed down from the south or is it time to join with Scotland and Wales in a new Britain and declare independence from southern England.

Democracy is already dead in the UK. We simply elect managers to look after the interests of the bankers, speculators and other City slickers and when they get it wrong we pay the price.

At 69 years old much of this becomes less relevant to myself but is vitally important for the future of the young.

The Tories, of course, will point to investment in HS2. They’re always careful not to mention that it also travels south and will take with it anything of value.

We need a new Britain with a PR system allowing us to elect politicians whose policies reflect the views and wishes of its inhabitants, politicians capable of giving a lead to a future of quality and prosperity for future generations.

Mick N

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