Racism and discrimination should not be British values

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The reaction from those commenting on Mr Mileady’s opinion piece in the Star of October 29 summed up exactly what Mr Mileady was conveying was happening in our society today when he identified the rising intolerance and hate-mongering.

It was obvious that those responding had not even bothered to read the content of the opinion piece they were responding to, which identified that not only were minorities being subjected to racism and abuses, but the majority community at times were too, and he condemned all racism and discrimination in all its forms.

Combined with this, was the fact that the responses used the vehicle of the ‘us and them’ game – them being the foreigners/migrants as it came across in the responses and the ‘us’ being the ‘British’.

Yet in fact Britain has within its make-up, minority ethnic people who are British Citizens, and as we know Britain and the British are of mixed ethnicity going back centuries.

The initial respondent to Mr Mileady’s opinion piece, starts off by saying she does not condone babies and little children and their mothers being racially attacked. But then goes into a diatribe of racial vilification and blame and seeks to justify the attacks by way of a form of ‘well it serves them right.

How shameful is that! I am not a ‘leftie’, I am not an ethnic minority and I am not gay.

I am just an ordinary Sheffield lad who, like all decent Sheffield and South Yorkshire people think racism and discrimination and attacks on children and mothers is a disgrace.

They are not British values and nor should they ever be.

Who would want that brand of Britishness being pushed by the hate-mongers except their own racist ilk?

Simon Barnett

Woodthorpe Road, S13