Pupils protest over soil treatment plan

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YOUNG eco-warriors have formed an opposition group to protest about plans to treat contaminated soil 200 metres from their school.

The children, aged between nine and 12, from Renishaw School in Derbyshire, are worried about plans for the site on Station Road, Renishaw, and fear it could cause health and environmental problems.

Ash (Renishaw) Ltd has been granted planning permission to develop a golf course, club house, office, restaurant and shop. But before landscaping gets under way, the land must be prepared.

The company has already removed ash and ballast from the northern site and replaced it with construction waste.

Now it has made two planning applications to Derbyshire County Council.

The first is to remove ash from phase two and rebuild ground levels and the second, to treat contaminated soil which will be used to used to replace the removed ash.

Coun Brian Ridgeway, of Derbyshire County Council said locals were worried checks on the materials wouldn’t be stringent enough and large vehicles travelling through the village would bring health, pollution and environmental problems.

But Chris Ballam from LDP Planning, on behalf of the company, said there wouldn’t be any more vehicles travelling through the village than there had been in phase one when there had been no objections.

He added residents would be exposed to more toxins when filling up their cars with petrol than they would standing on the site.

Everything the firm did was strictly monitored by the Environment Agency.

The applications will be considered in the autumn.

Coun Brian Ridgway said: “Feelings are running high.

“The children expressed their concerns even before the public meeting.”