Punk music is alive and well

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I thought punk music was dead, but having paid a visit to the Mulberry Tavern last Friday night I can confirm it is very much alive.

The band Hung Like Hanratty were the main band and it was like being back in the Black Swan circa 1977.

They did songs about everyday life such as Pick up your dog poo, (including a superb dance to go with it), and a brilliant mickey take about Simon Cowell.

The highlight was an older punk pouring his pint all over and trying to body surf across the dance floor.

Maybe when he was eight stone lighter he would have managed more than the few inches of travel, but it was funny.

Anyone wanting a change from the usual rock cover bands to be seen in pub venues should check out the Star gig guide and find out who’s on at the Mulberry.

Rod Middlemass

Intake, Sheffield