Punishment for animal cruelty is inadequate

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The RSPCA has released its annual animal cruelty figures and I am sickened to see that again there has been a substantial increase, this time a third more than last year, with dozens of cases being dealt with in the Sheffield area alone.

One of those was the appalling killing of the dog Issac who was tortured earlier this year although no one has yet been charged and last week in Barnsley a cat was found which had suffered burns when it was thrown on to a bonfire. Although still alive after possibly wandering around in agony for up to two days, sadly its injuries were so severe it had to be put to sleep.

It is hard to believe we are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers, especially as RSPCA chief Gavin Grant says that the UK generally is facing a growing animal cruelty crisis. As a person who prefers animals to people because they are faithful, and give us unconditional love, I think we should be ashamed that animal sanctuaries all over the country are struggling to cope with all the poor creatures that have been abused, tortured and abandoned when all they deserve is a loving home.

The present punishment for those who illtreat animals is inadequate and unless there is legislation which will enable longer prison sentences to be imposed then there will be no significant reduction in the animal cruelty statistics.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, S10 4EZ