Publish parking guidelines for us

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I’VE just been for a bit of shopping. I always parked in the Bramall Lane area, which used to be free for a couple of hours, then they put in meters. The fee was 20p an hour, which was reasonable but I found today that the fee has doubled to 40p.

Some may say that’s reasonable but it’s an increase of 100%. Whats going on? I wish my wages went up 100%.

There is also the issue of evening parking. People should be allowed to park for free after, say 6 or 6.30pm. I saw, at 8.20pm, four parking wardens jump out of their van and rush around a car park near Howard Street photographing and banging tickets on cars like people possessed. Apparently parking is allowed after 8.30pm so they had to be quick before time ran out.

It’s about time guidelines were published as to when car parks become free. Come on give us a break, you newly-elected Labour Council.