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Just had a thought: why do we never hear of a psychic winning the lottery?

Just had a thought: why do we never hear of a psychic winning the lottery?

G, Day

Only tiny profit made on petrol

Having worked at a local petrol station for 15 years I’m not at all surprised by the misguided and somewhat naive comments made by Jud, from Beighton implying that he cannot possibly have nudged up the price of his petrol by a penny unaided.

Oh how I wish I had that penny for every time I’ve been accused of having a magic button that I push to nudge up the price a little.

Of course any sensible person would realise that this is hogwash.

Firstly the garage makes a tiny percentage profit from a litre of fuel so a hell of a lot of customers would have to be overcharged to make just 1p.

Does Jud really think the owner would risk his livelihood and reputation for that?

My goodness, a holiday out of the extra profit he says?

I doubt it would cover the cost of the passport cover.

Anyone working in a petrol station would know this is just untrue but I’m afraid we’ll always be harangued by deluded people.

Diane, from a garage near Beighton

Losing appeals

I read (June 4) that Fahim Akbari is still resisting deportation after losing the last of his many appeals. The judge at his last appeal described him as not being a credible witness. Mr Akbari should return to his homeland and help young British men and women fight to improve democracy in his sorry country.

JW, Stannington