Protesters bidding to stop cuts to policing

Labour campaigners in Don Valley have launched a campaign against the cuts to policing in South Yorkshire.
Labour campaigners in Don Valley have launched a campaign against the cuts to policing in South Yorkshire.
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DONCASTER MP Caroline Flint has announced a campaign to fight cuts to policing in the borough.

She has launched the campaign with supporters in her Don Valley constituency and hopes to collect thousands of names on it.

The campaign has been launched after the warning to Ministers by police chiefs that England’s 43 police forces will lose 28,000 staff as a result of the cuts – 12,000 police and 16,000 civilian staff.

Ministers have blamed the debts run up by Labour’s public spending for the cuts they say they are having to make to reduce the country’s levels of borrowing.

Ms Flint said: “Our efforts in the last 13 years reduced crime by 43 per cent.

“The increase in police numbers of nearly 17,000 and 16,000 PCSOs were essential to that success. These cuts are going to have a devastating effect in Doncaster.”

She said she believes there will be fewer police officers and PCSOs on the streets of Doncaster and South Yorkshire because of the cuts, which she claims will undermine the fight against crime and risk the safety of everyone in the community.

She said: “Even where police jobs are not shed, officers will be recalled from the streets into police stations to cover jobs that are lost at the centre.”

Campaigner Rachel Hodson: “We launched our petition in Thorne this weekend and the response was tremendous. We hope every fair-minded person in Doncaster who wants to prevent a rise in crime will sign the petition.”

South Yorkshire Police chief constable Med Hughes last week spoke of his concerns over the possible loss of the South Yorkshire-based police helicopter.

The county will no longer be a base for police helicopters under plans for a National Police Air Service, which would save an estimated £15 million. He expects to lose up to 100 frontline bobbies in the next year.

South Yorkshire Police faces a reduction of over £30million over the next two years.

n To order copies of the petition email or ring 01302 770830. Log onto to download a copy.