Protest over library cuts

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LIBRARY campaigners in Sheffield have criticised budget cuts as “vile attacks” which they fear will hit the quality of services - despite a pledge from the council no branches will be closed.

Three out of four mobile library vehicles are set to be withdrawn and 33 jobs lost, plus cuts to opening hours.

But council leader Paul Scriven said they will only amount to “a few hours per week for each branch”.

Library Workers for a Brighter Future - a group of Sheffield library staff - said: “In small service points, many of the activities will have to go - this includes babytimes and storytimes for children.

“Despite the fact we have been assured no libraries will close this year, there is still another £1.1 million to come off the library budget in 2012/13 and 2013/14.

“It is hard to see how this won’t lead to closures.

Coun Scriven said: “We are not closing any libraries. We want to have a consultation process to ask people what their priorities are.”