Protect your recreation space

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In 2006 the Government gave us the right to register any recreation space as a village green. It does not have to be green. It applies to anywhere consistently used for recreation. Now says the government intends to restrict that right.

The Department for the Environment said access to recreation space is vital to our mental and physical health. People need fresh air to wind down.

Our parks and woodlands have permanent protection and are safe but the little handy ones and recreation spaces may only have temporary protection.

People can protect their recreation space by registering them as village greens: collect confirmation that people have used the space for recreation for 20 years or more and submit details to the city council.

Richard Pearce

I’m puzzled by retirement rules

jo Davison’s superbly written article (Nov 4) about my wife and I being forced to retire from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals brought a very interesting and somewhat ambiguous statement from the Trust.

The trust’s retirement policy prior to the recent change in legislation was that ‘when a person reached 65 and their post was no longer required to meet service need at that time or in the future, they’d be required to retire’.

I was told in March that my post was to be filled, hopefully before I left, so I could help train the new recruit. Puzzled? So am I. If the post is to be filled, then it’s still needed, surely?

STH invested in me as I am trained in venapuncture, cannulation, taking ECGs, and PFTs (breathing tests).

Eddie Lewis, Hoyland