Protect grand old Post Office

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just when will the council do something about the old head Post Office? I realise it’s owned by some company or other but just why is it being left to go to rack and ruin? It’s a fantastic building and Sheffield Council should be doing its utmost to make the owners protect it from the ravages of the weather.

All the lead gutters and aprons have been stolen and now the walls on Flat Street are in a dire state with heavy staining caused by the rain which has no option but to pour down this grand old lady because some thief has stolen the drainpipes.

Hotels are thrown up in and around the city at an alarming rate yet this building in the centre of Sheffield is totally ignored as a building that could be refurbished as a magnificent hotel.

Could it be that the owners have their own agenda to let it get to a point of no return so demolition is the only answer?

Let’s not forget this is a grade 2 listed building and must be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Vin Malone, S14

A major loss

we are a disabled group that has been running for 30 years, supporting the elderly and disabled. We also get residents out of their nursing homes and entertain them, with bingo, raffles, day trips and meals out. Next year our funding will cease and we want to continue, as members will suffer. Can someone could sponsor us in a big way, as our project is a valuable one, and an ongoing one. If it folded, it’d be a major loss.

North Sheffield Federation for the Disabled

Shoot rioters

I WONDER what odds I’d get from any bookmakers on our idiotic government coming to its senses in the next few days and withdrawing our troops from wars that we shouldn’t be involved in at all (Iraq and Afghanistan) and deploying them on the troubled streets of Britain and rightly being allowed to shoot the rioting savages? I believe that most of the population would back such an action.

A Barlow, Milton Walk, Hyde Park, Doncaster