Proposals to save money by the BBC Trust

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In light of a freeze in the licence fee and increased obligations, such as funding the World Service, the BBC asked its programme making divisions to save an average of 20% across all content areas and 25% in support areas. This equates to 16% that we need to save and a further 4% to re-invest to ensure we have the right programmes on the right platforms.

In this context, BBC Local Radio has been asked to save on average 12%. With re-investment, this comes down to an average 9%. In our proposals, we have protected breakfast, mid-morning and drivetime programmes. Find out more at and click on the Delivering Quality First link.

Mary Picken, Head of Communications

Should give us some leeway

Apparently we have a month to remove net curtains, carpets, ornaments etc from communal areas.

I agree these areas should not be cluttered, but what is the problem with a curtain and small stand plus plant. The council should give us some leeway.

J Quince, S10