Prisoner scared girlfriend from cell

HMP Doncaster Prison.
HMP Doncaster Prison.
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A serving prisoner bombarded his new girlfriend with abusive and threatening telephone calls from behind bars, a court heard.

Scott Spooner, of Balby, Doncaster, was jailed for 18 months after he admitted harassing 22-year-old Becky Chambers with 124 phone calls in a fortnight.

Spooner, aged 28, who had been in a relationship with her for about a month, was serving a 12-week jail term for driving offences.

During a prison visit she told him she didn’t want him to live with her immediately and wanted to take things steady, said Stephanie Hollis, prosecuting at Sheffield Crown Court.

Spooner took it badly and accused her of being unfaithful.

She did not visit him again but on October 20 started getting abusive telephone calls from him in prison.

Miss Chambers told him she did not want to talk but he threatened her.

“He was shouting and swearing and said he would take her car and smash her face in,” said Miss Hollis.

In other calls he said he would “smash her house up and torch her car” and called her a “dirty slag”.

During one call he said: “Wait and see what happens when I get out,” while in another he said: “I’m not going to leave you alone.”

After receiving more threats she went to the police and on October 30 got a letter of apology from Spooner.

“She was scared what he might do and it was causing her a great deal of distress,” said Miss Hollis.

When Spooner was released on November 5 he was rearrested at the prison gates.

Spooner, of Low Road, who admitted harassment, has 59 convictions for offences of violence, dishonesty and breaching court orders dating back to when he was 14.

Ian Goldsack, defending, said although he threatened Miss Chambers he had never been violent towards her.

“It was appalling behaviour from a custodial environment.

“There was no prospect of him carrying out the threats.”

Spooner was also given a restraining order.