Prison term for Sheffield weapon maker

Weaponry: Brett Windle.

Weaponry: Brett Windle.

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A MAN who kept an arsenal of home-made weapons and bragged about his creations in an internet video has been locked up.

Brett Windle, aged 24, of Oxford Street, Upperthorpe, Sheffield, made dangerous implements including a cattle prod, a taser disguised as a camera and a knife hidden inside a marker pen.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Windle had a ‘fascination with weaponry’, and that he was caught when police saw footage on YouTube in which he showed off the home-made armoury.

Windle also told a probation worker that he harboured ‘extreme thoughts about destroying other people’, and said he was spurred on to assemble the weapons after seeing online videos similar to his own.

Ian Goldsack, prosecuting, said police officers raided Windle’s home on November 24 last year, uncovering a home-made cattle prod capable of discharging an electric shock, two axes, a crude pistol which fired ball-bearings, and a rubber tube with razor blades attached.

Officers also discovered another, partly-completed cattle prod, alongside the knife and taser.

Windle was arrested, and in interview said he made the YouTube video ‘three or four weeks’ beforehand.

In the footage, shown to the court, Windle demonstrated each item to the camera and said: “I bet they’re better than some of the other ones you’ve seen on YouTube.”

Danny Simpson, defending, said: “This was a case of bravado and showing off. These items are not in any way lethal and never left his address.”

Mr Simpson said Windle, father to a seven-month-old girl, had a troubled childhood and struggled with learning difficulties.

The court heard Windle had previous convictions for indecent exposure and an assault in which he hit an 18-year-old girl with a metal bar.

Sentencing, Judge Roger Keen QC said: “It’s clear you have a fascination with weaponry, and your probation officer said that this was coupled with extreme thoughts about destroying other people.

“It’s not good enough to say there are other videos on the internet showing other people making these things.

“People need to know it will not be tolerated.”

Windle admitted manufacturing firearms and was jailed for six months.

By Richard Blackledge

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