Precious pair celebrate 60 years of marriage

Dorothy & Len Podlenfny on their 60th wedding Anniversary
Dorothy & Len Podlenfny on their 60th wedding Anniversary
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THE LAST six decades have seen the first space flight, two recessions and the fall of the Berlin Wall – not forgetting the fall of Sheffield football from the top flight.

But one thing has remained constant - Leonard and Dorothy Podlefny have been together through thick and thin and have just toasted their diamond wedding anniversary.

Dorothy, aged 73, was born near the Moor and has lived in Sheffield all her life.

She met Leonard, 81, at a friend’s birthday party when she was just 16.

Dorothy said: “I thought he was a very attractive man. I was very shy back then but Leonard got me talking.”

The pair courted for two years, spending most of their dates dancing or going to the cinema, and were married at St Mary’s Church, Ecclesfield, in 1951.

For Leonard, who was born in Poland, the marriage came after a terrible time in his life serving in the Polish Army during World War Two.

His father and brother were both killed by the Nazis but Leonard was sent to Britain in the 1940s and survived.

“We went to Auschwitz eight years ago, but Leonard couldn’t bring himself to go in,” said Dorothy.

“He just stood at the gates. He was so overwhelmed with emotion.”

Dorothy said the secret to a long lasting marriage was perseverance.

“We’ve had our spats but you can’t agree on everything,” she said.

“I think people give up on marriage far too easily these days.”

The couple have a 51-year old son, Andrew and 54-year-old daughter, Helen.

They also have granddaughters Samantha, 15, Lucy, 20 and Ella, 24.

Dorothy worked at Sheffield Council and then became a librarian, while Leonard was a universal miller.