Praise for our wonderful NHS

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In these days of cuts and lay-offs, high prices and protests, there seems little to praise. But I’d like to do just that and praise those who looked after our father, William (Bill) Hartley.

The staff of Ward P3 at the Hallamshire helped my brothers and sisters and I through a dreadful time.

Dad was suffering with leukaemia and was in and out of hospital most of this year. He he also spent three weeks in St Lukes Hospice and the dedication by its wonderful staff was second to none. Sadly dad went back into the Hallamshire for the last time in September. The staff never made us feel in the way as we stayed night and day that last week.

The NHS is often criticised, but not this time.

NWE Hartley and family

Told I’m entitled to nothing

from leaving school I had never not had a job. But at the age of 30, I had to pack in work to care for my sick wife until she died.

I am diabetic and suffer with depression. My doctor told me to apply for ESA and DLA. When I went for a medical I had to have someone accompany me as I no longer like going outdoors.

When I got in I was interviewed by someone who hardly understand what I said. I was declined. My doctors wrote numerous letters to the DWP but to no avail. I am under a psychiatrist and attend counselling regularly because of my wife passing away.

How can someone you have never met tell you in 10 minutes you are entitled to nothing?

M Buckingham, Longley