Possible explanation why road is not on council plans

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I may be able to offer a possible explanation to Disgusted, Mrs Dawn of Ironside Place who wrote in on Friday, August 15, complaining that she has been informed that her road is not on council plans and will not be resurfaced.

Here on the Langsett Estate in Sheffield 6 a similar situation has occurred.

When the estate was built on housing cleared of slums plus an eventually abandoned new road scheme, apparently Is were not dotted and Ts crossed on the adoption of roads paperwork as carefully as they are today. Consequently, many little packages of land that had once been back alleys, yards or rough pieces of ground etc were never properly adopted by the council departments then concerned.

Move forward 40 years and here we have several roads and paths that have been built over these packages of land as part of a road or pathway.

As with Ironside Place they do not appear on council plans and so we have the ludicrous situation where, as part of the repair scheme across the city, some roads and paths are resurfaced and some are not resurfaced at all.

In the case of my own address, which is a dead-end square, only half the square has been resurfaced and the rest left with old surfacing which is now breaking up.

This cannot be attended to because officially it doesn’t exist.

Several years ago (when apparently Is and Ts still did not matter) it was all resurfaced but today we have a patchwork of old and new.

This information has been offered as a possible explanation by a past councillor.

One of our present councillors is looking into the matter but it is slow progress, maybe due to red tape.

Mrs DG