Poor relation is target

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Once again the poor relation of the First family, namely the No 20 bus, is targeted.

I live at the Hemsworth end of this route and we have problems on a regular basis.

As stated in your article our bus along with other affected ones, contribute only 10 per hour to the congestion problem of High Street/Church Street.

Anyone who lives on the 20 route will tell you that if you wait in High Street for a bus you will see one after another of the new Stagecoach Nos 79 and 87 along with First’s 75, 76, 97 and 98. All of these have more buses per hour than the 20 and 20A, which also serves part of our area. These other services are far more prolific and re-routing them along Arundel Gate would mean many more than 10 buses per hour would be out of the congestion zone.

Another contributory factor is buses standing in High Street long after the passengers have boarded. Sometimes you even see a driver reading a paper while sitting there. In the meantime buses back up behind these drivers, right back round the TJ Hughes store. Also, at the 52 stop above ours, there are at times three or four Stagecoach and First buses, sometimes double-parked.

These are areas which also should have been addressed.

And why must Pinstone Street be missed? If there are only 10 buses per hour, can they not follow the Freebee route from Arundel Gate along Surrey Street and into Pinstone Street? I use shops there (the Co-op, GT News and Greggs) and I expect they too will lose trade.

Also, no one has indicated where the buses will stop after Arundel Gate, because the next stop after Pinstone Street at the moment is near the bottom of the Moor.

I reckon that the person who made this decision does not use buses through the city centre, like the guy who blocked the re-instatement of the right turn from Pinstone Street to the rear of Debenhams. How many thousands of pounds in extra fuel will the companies have incurred in the years since this pointless move was made? Before there was one set of lights to negotiate to get there, now there are potentially four.

Mary Hartley, Cliffefied Rd, S8