Political points scored?

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I live on a council estate and when these were built the council provided them with large gardens. Most are surrounded by privet hedges. I need to cut mine three times each summer and fill about eight sacks with cuttings each time.

How am I going to get rid of this with no garden rubbish collection?

I won’t be able to feed the odd sack into my black bin if I only get a fortnightly collection and as I’m in my 60s and don’t own a van I won’t be able to get it to a dumpit site. I have never had a green bin and privet doesn’t turn into useful compost.

With a green collection, we could probably just about manage with a black bin collection fortnightly. What I don’t agree with is the people who take the moral high ground because they can manage with a fornightly collection and therefore decided so should everyone else.

This is not a competition between those who can manage with fortnightly collections and what they seem to consider an inferior householder who cannot. Every home has its own needs and having a go at people because their needs are different is not right.

These cuts are causing divisions, on top of reducing the services.

I’m a traditional Labour voter, but suspect our council’s plans are based on trying to score political points. Why can they afford to build an unnecessary open-air theatre overlooking the railway station, completely revamp and landscape the old boating pond at the side of Firth Park Library, which has been empty for nigh on 50 years and always find money for more road humps and other crackpot traffic schemes, but can’t provide a decent bin service?

The bin issue is just part of the bigger picture. Despite what we are being told, we are not ‘all in it together’, because the cuts are driving a wedge between the people.

No one has a moral high ground because they only require a bin collection every two weeks. They just have different needs.

SC, Sheffield