Policing of these areas wouldn’t go a miss

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I sometimes wonder is it just me, my age or my generation who thinks that there seems to be more than a certain element of lawless, feral and obnoxious youth about in certain areas these days?

Visit local shops in some areas around teatime and you will see them there with can in hand, bull-terrier-type dog occasionally attached by a lead. There they are, spitting, shouting, swearing, polluting the air with smoke from aromatic weed and presenting an intimidating image.

Who polices these areas these days? Certainly not the police! Shopkeepers are reluctant to do or say anything to them or try to move them on and who can blame them?

I am not intimidated by this sort of behaviour, but there are those who aren’t so fortunate.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that a little proactive policing of these areas wouldn’t go amiss.

Dave Cully