Police horses go on patrol

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Mounted police have been on a high profile patrol in Tickhill.

Two officers rode their horses around the town in response to a worrying spate of burglaries and break-ins to domestic and business properties and mindless acts of vandalism that have taken place over the past couple of weeks.

From the elevated vantage point enjoyed by police on horseback, the officers were able to see over walls and hedges and into gardens and spot crimes and potential problems before they developed.

The lighter nights often herald an increase in the theft of garden equipment and other items of value that are left outside.

Householders are urged to be continually on their guard against sneak thieves and opportunist burglars and should not leave the doors and windows of their property open even when they are outside in their garden.

Garages and sheds should be locked and at night car keys should be taken to bedrooms.