Police help door staff

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Door staff at a Sheffield pub were joined by police officers over the weekend in a bid to deter troublemakers.

They joined security staff at the Waggon in Market Place on Saturday as part of an initiative aimed at making customers feel safer.

Landlord Simon Parks said he has had enough of troublemakers causing problems in Chapeltown so he has improved his security in a bid to vet who he allows in.

His door staff have been issued with ‘head-cams’ to monitor those entering the venue and he has upgraded his CCTV system.

Simon said: “We believe Chapeltown locals should feel safe in their own communities and we’re fed up with a small group of people ruining everyone else’s enjoyment.

“The Waggon prides itself on being a popular local pub and the message to the few who try to disrupt everyone else’s enjoyment is clear. We simply will not tolerate it.”

Simon has also introduced a new dress code for visitors to his pub at night - banning caps, hoodies, tracksuits or work clothes.