Police checks on seatbelts in South Yorkshire

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A POLICE crackdown is underway against motorists who fail to wear seatbelts.

The campaign has been launched by South Yorkshire Police as part of a Europe-wide safety drive.

Chief Inspector Stuart Walne, Head of Roads Policing for South Yorkshire, said: “Some people are less likely to use seatbelts on short or familiar journeys.

“But if you’re involved in a collision and not wearing a seatbelt you have a far bigger chance of suffering serious injuries or even death.

“If you are travelling in the front seats you risk being thrown through the windscreen. Passengers in the rear seats become a lethal danger to both themselves and those in the front.

“Taking a few seconds to put the belt on before moving off is the best investment you can make every time you get in a car.”

Drivers caught without a seatbelt on face a fine of £60.