Police candidate to meet judges

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A CANDIDATE standing for election as South Yorkshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner has been invited to a meeting with senior judges at the Royal Courts of Justice after she took part in a protest against new rules banning magistrates from the contest.

Gillian Radcliffe, an independent candidate, was one of five to co-sign a letter to Lord Justice Goldring to challenge his instructions to magistrates to withdraw from the Police and Crime Commissioner elections unless they were prepared to give up their role on the bench.

“I am not a magistrate but I felt that the ruling was unfair.

“A number of those standing for election around the country undertake the voluntary role of magistrate and it is wrong for them to have to stand down just because they are in the race for the PCC role,” said Mrs Radcliffe.

“I agree the roles would be incompatible post-election and feel that the successful PCC should be prepared to commit full time to the job, so we suggested that a magistrate should only have to resign if they are voted into office.”