Police and council won’t stop thieves roaming free

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What has your council done for you? I am yet to see the benefit of being a law-abiding, hard-working and tax-paying citizen.

I have not seen the police force protect me or my belongings. I have not seen my councillor stand for what is right for me. In the last five years the damage to my car in the S12 area has included wing mirrors ripped off, paintwork scratched, pellet gun marks, scratched windows, the car being written off due to vandalism and thef. The most recent damage was a smashed window - where the thieves rummaged through the boot and glove box, only to get away with a red Per Una bag. This happened between 6.30pm-7pm in the evening and nobody heard or saw a thing.

Police response: “Oh, you live on your own. I’m very sorry I’d like to say they would be there within the hour but there’s no guarantee, you’ll have a call in the next 24 hours.”

What has my council done for me?

Allowed criminals to continuously vandalise vehicles in the S12 area. Mine is not the only car that this happened to regularly.

No police presence. The last time I saw and spoke to police on foot was 2007/2008; to allow me to feel unsafe in my own home and the area I live in; and finally through all this inability to protect, allowed my insurance premiums to treble to over £1,000 because I park in area that allows thieves to roam free.

Katy Beech