Police and council winning war on boiler thefts in Sheffield

Boiler thefts from empty council houses have dropped
Boiler thefts from empty council houses have dropped
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The number of boiler thefts from empty council houses in Sheffield has fallen from 142 in one year to 35 two years later.

Thefts peaked in 2014 when 142 boilers were stolen from empty council houses and flats in Sheffield.

With replacing a boiler and repairing the damage caused by thieves ripping them out costing on average £2,200, the thefts cost the council £312,000 that year.

But in 2015 the number dropped to 54 and last year it fell to 35.

So far this year 14 thefts have been reported.

Sheffield Council and South Yorkshire Police have worked on tackling the issue together and now all council boilers are trackable.

Councillor Jayne Dunn, Sheffield Council's Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety, said: “We have put considerable effort into reducing boiler thefts from empty council homes and our officers have done some very good work, alongside the police.

“The number of thefts has fallen dramatically over recent years, meaning council money can be spent on people’s homes, rather than replacing stolen goods.”

Anyone with information on those still stealing boilers should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.