Please turn out for this parade

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WE are sure readers will join us in saluting the organisers and participants of this year’s Armed Forces and Veterans Day events in Sheffield.

But this is a memorable occasion not only for the participants. For it is also a chance for members of the public to show their respect for our armed forces who find themselves being repeatedly called to arms in the service of their country.

This year’s event, organised by Lord Mayor Sylvia Dunkley and Sheffield and District Joint Council of Ex-Service Associations, will witness a parade in the city centre. It is being kept deliberately short as a number of the ex-service personnel awill be taking part in wheelchairs.

But though such occasions often highlight the men and women who sacrificed their youth during the First and Second World Wars, this is an event which is given great potency through the conflicts currently raging around the globe and in which British men and women are participating.

We fully support the appeal made by Coun Dunkley, who asks for members of the public to step out on Saturday, June 25 and show their support for those taking part in that day’s events.

Foundation truly enriches county

THIS county is truly enriched by the presence of the South Yorkshire Community Foundation which has helped thousands of people in moments of difficulty for years.

In fact, the foundation is this year celebrating 25 years of work. And we are delighted to provide space to let you know of the great work this organisation has achieved through that time.

They have worked tirelessly to make life better for hundreds of community-based organisations, as well as stepping forward to help individuals, such as the flood victims whose lives were turned upside down when the heavens opened in 2007.

But it is also a chance to thank you, the people and businesses of South Yorkshire who give so generously to allow the foundation to do its work.

This is great team spirit and we are proud to be part of it.

Boost for region

WE are now in the closing stages of the decision-making process which will see the establishment of an enterprise zone on our doorstep.

This will be somewhere in the Sheffield City Region and will be selected from seven potential sites, from Harworth, near Doncaster, to Chesterfield or a spot straddling the Sheffield-Rotherham border.

Therefore there will be some disappointment when the final location is announced this week. But we hope people see this is a boost for the entire region and don’t allow localism to spoil things.