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A REDUCTION in car crime is something which appears to benefit us all.

National figures show an alarming theft rate of one car stolen every six minutes.

Sometimes it seems like this is the crime we almost accept.

But in South Yorkshire, officers have been visiting prolific offenders after they are released from prison to warn them they are being watched.

This is a good common sense approach and one measure which police say has helped them reduce the county’s car crime by almost 20%.

An excellent result and one for which the police deserve credit.

But a note of caution remains – will this reduction be taken into account by the insurance industry and consequently be reflected in our premiums?

There are few things more frustrating for law-abiding, crash-free motorists who routinely see rises in premiums despite consistently making no claim.

It is time the industry reacted to the police’s good work and gave the long-suffering motorist lower premiums to match the lower car crime rate.

Good business for our village people

OUR green and pleasant land is something to behold, but it also needs a little help from time to time.

Whether you live in a rural retreat or enjoy visiting them, village life benefits from a healthy economy to keep the coffers full.

So we are pleased to report the success of a village officer, who has spent the last 18 months in communities on the western edge of Sheffield.

A key aspect of their work has involved promoting the rural economy. One example is a pilot farmers’ market project in Bradfield which is now running on a monthly basis.

Not only is this an enjoyable day out for visitors, it is also a valuable money- spinner for the village.

Happily, the post is to continue until next year and we hope it continues to provide such good business.

Home comforts

NEW council homes with new tenants makes good news.

This appears to be the equation in Shirecliffe, Sheffield, after work was completed on 27 properties.

The features sounded impressive – photovoltaic tiles, high levels of installation, high efficiency gas boilers and low energy lighting.

And the reality has matched the expectation for the happy new tenants, who speak of their pride in their new homes.

This is the key to successful council housing – if tenants feel the property is something to cherish, there is every chance they will look after it and be part of a happy community.