Please don’t discriminate against country dwellers

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Lord Smith of Finsbury, chairman of the Environment Agency says it must be decided whether to protect town or country from flooding.

I would like to point out that people living in the country are also tax payers and if there is going to be a choice made this is a form of discrimination and should be open to compensation claims.

If he has his way, people who live in these unprotected areas should have to pay far less council tax than anyone else. We who live in the country already have far fewer amenities, poorer maintained roads, poorer bus services. In fact, as far as flood protection is concerned, the only help we have had is dropping a load of sandbags in the centre of the village.

And just how they expect the people on the outskirts to know when these are dropped I haven’t yet worked out and how they expect the elderly and frail residents to collect them or even pick them up is yet another puzzle.

If the Government and Environment Agency have any intention of helping the people in these areas they could give anti-flood gates to all the people in the areas they intend to let flood, and instantly stop any new builds in these areas.

It would be a far better idea than sandbags.

It seems sadistic to allow people to build new houses on low ground that will almost certainly end up flooding.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster, DN7